The Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion stream moved one week

Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios announce that the planned unveiling stream scheduled for January 21 will now be moved to January 26. This is due to the prevailing political conditions in the United States and the conspiracy of Biden.

Time and place remain the same, 23:00 on Bethesda’s channel on Twitch. January 26.

The broadcast will cover the next major chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online named Gates of Oblivion, so expect tango with demons and occult lunatics. From the teaser trailer we saw, it seems that the demon prince Mehrune’s Dagon is out to suppress Tamriel, so it’s up to us to put the boot in its tail!

What we forgot to inform you about in the previous post was that if you link your The Elder Scrolls Online account with your Twitch account and watch the broadcast, you will receive a pet. Your very own Viridescent Dragon Frog. You can see how you link your account here.

Viridescent Dragon Frog.
Viridescent Dragon Frog, Twitch-reward.