The electronics industry saw state mobile mortgages – M3

The electronics industry, the organization that collects companies that sell computers, televisions and other electronics, doesn’t like the government’s new proposal about mortgages on mobile phones.

In a release the organization writes that a mortgage requires several things that will render it ineffective and negative for Swedish companies.

  • With a significantly higher price in Sweden compared to other EU countries, the organization fears that many will choose to buy from abroad instead.
  • If the system is not to be utilized, some sort of marking must be introduced so that only telephones for which the mortgage has been paid can retrieve it on recovery. The Electronics industry believes that this will be very expensive.
  • The organization believes that users will no longer give away their old gadgets to relatives for continued use if they can instead get a mortgage.

– If you get SEK 1000 to throw a working mobile phone, instead of letting someone else use it, it is wasted with the earth’s resources, says Klas Elm, CEO of the Electronics industry, in a comment.

The electronics industry is also critical of the task of reducing the recycling of electronics in Sweden, and writes that the organization El-circuit increased its collection by 1,400 tonnes last year at the same time as the gadgets have become smaller and lighter.