The EU urges Apple to do app justice in the war on privacy

EU competition director Margrethe Vestager now warns Apple and says that the company must give fair treatment to all apps on its platform in connection with the company now changing how access to users’ data is handled, reports Reuters.

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Apple has previously said that new rules for tracking users outside a company’s own apps and websites will take effect early this spring. The rules do not prohibit tracking but allow users to decide for themselves whether they want to be tracked or not. The rule change will begin to be tested in connection with iOS 14.5.

The change has been met with sharp criticism, mainly from companies such as Facebook, which feed on tracking in advertising systems. The social media giant has, among other things, accused Apple’s change of being anti-competitive and that Apple’s own advertising platform will be excluded.

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EU competition director Margrethe Vestager has therefore said that even if the situation is about users’ integrity, it can develop into a competition issue if Apple does not treat its own apps in the same way.

Apple itself has not commented on it all. The company has previously said that the upcoming change will also apply to Apple itself and that their advertising platform will not track users regardless.