The Final Fantasy XVI launch is taking even longer

Although we do not have a fixed date for Final Fantasy XVI, we have now found out that it will be delayed by at least 6 months.

In September, Square Enix confirmed that they are working on Final Fantasy XVI, which may not have come as a surprise but clearly long-awaited.

The goal was that we would get to see and hear more about Final Fantasy XVI before 2021 was over, but now Square Enix announces that this will not be the case, the reason is that corona has put up with the development and you are a little behind quite simply, about six months after.

But we will see much more of Final Fantasy XVI in the spring of 2022 where you will have a Final Fantasy XVI show, all focus on the upcoming Final Fantasy game.

We do not currently know when the game will be released, but I would not hope for 2022 but instead aim for 2023.