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The Fire Call collector’s Editions are … sold out!

The Fire Call collector’s Editions are … sold out!

Hope you did not want a collector’s edition for the most anticipated game of 2022.

After the gameplay show Earlier this afternoon, Bandai Namco announced the collectibles for the long-awaited Elden Ring. It was not long before every single one of the limited and numbered collector’s editions was purchased. The rest are tears and shattered dreams.

The collector’s editions came in two versions, a “regular” and a premium. Where one had a 23 centimeter high collectible figure of Malenia, steel book, art book, soundtrack, some cards and stickers and a nice cardboard box to hide everything in, the premium version has everything plus a full-scale copy of Malenia’s nice Valkyrie helmet! These came in 6000 in number and are numbered, so that the lucky buyer can know how fast they clicked buy.

But everything ended so the rest of us can forget it. Scalpers can sting and burn.

The hope is with the various retailers that work with Bandai Namco. They may sell the regular collector’s edition. The premium variant was exclusive to Bandai Namco’s online store. Point your ears and actively spy if you want to chop in a Collector’s Edition. The web hall, which is usually quick to post various editions, does not currently have any. The same condition is on MediaMarkt and CDON which only have standard editions.

Launch Edition, which includes all