The first trailer for the live action series is here

The Game Awards ceremony is a real melting pot of everything directly and indirectly related to video games. Besides game announcements and trailers of titles already announced, other projects more or less related to video games are also shown during the event. During the 2021 edition, spectators were treated, for example, to a movie trailer from a game or a technical demo linked to a series of films. But that’s not all. The adaptation of a serial game in the works for years has finally shown.

Fans of Halo and the curious can finally discover the first trailer of the Halo live series. Paramount did not indeed come to the Game Awards 2021 with the only trailer for Sonic 2, the Film. The American studio also took the opportunity to show its Halo series.

A big teasing as a trailer

This first Halo trailer shows off several of the series’ protagonists. Master Chief will therefore be embodied by Pablo Schreiber. Dr Catherine Halsey, Soren-066 and Cortana will be camped by Natascha McElhone, Bokeem Woodbine and Jen Taylor.

The Halo series logo on Paramount +

The broadcast of Paramount’s Halo series will be the culmination of a 10-year-old project. Already in 2009, the famous director Steven Spielberg sought to obtain the rights to adapt the games imagined by Bungie. At the Xbox One announcement conference in May 2013, the project was formalized. It was revealed, however, that the latter would ultimately be a TV series.

The Halo series, a long-term project

Like the movie Uncharted, the Halo series has seen a lot of changes in its team. Years of development and a pandemic later, the Halo series is set to finally appear to be on the verge of release. Initially, this adaptation was to be broadcast on television. The project was however transferred to the Paramount + service.

Across the Atlantic, the Halo series will therefore be broadcast in 2022 on Paramount +. Nothing has yet been communicated regarding a possible broadcast in France. However, it would be surprising if Master Chief did not land on French screens.

What does this first trailer for the Halo series inspire you? Do you believe in the quality of the project? Do you plan to watch it when it comes out? What will it have to offer to be worthy of the games in your eyes? Tell us all in the comments below.