The “free” games of December 2021 would have leaked

Last month, Sony offered a double dose of “free” games to its PlayStation Plus subscribers. The goal then was to celebrate PlayStation VR. For the last month of this year, the Japanese manufacturer has chosen to return to a more traditional program. The action is at the heart of the offer, in significantly different worlds.

Update December 1: Sony has just confirmed the PlayStation Plus games for December 2021. Note that the three PlayStation VR bonus games from last month will still be available this month.

It may well be that the “free” games of the PlayStation Plus for the month of December 2021 have just been leaked. It is now a tradition, the information comes from one of the users of the French site Dealabs. This member, who responds to the pseudonym of “Billbil-kun, “claims to have got their hands on the list of PS Plus titles for next month. As always, the moderation team of Dealabs attest to the authenticity of the thing.

On the menu of the month’s leak, it would therefore be a question of a cross-gen PS5-PS4 game and two PS4 games. For those in a hurry, here is the list of games that will be offered next month:



Godfall is an Action-RPG that emphasizes loot. The game takes place in a fantastic universe in which dreadful opponents swarm. Opponents who do not hesitate to use acanic magic. Completing the missions allows you to recover loot including legendary armor.

Godfall artwork on PS5 and PS4


Mortal Shell

Mortal Shel is an Action-RPG initially released in 2020. The game takes place in a ruined world in which the player has to survive as best they can. The action asks players to search for a cult’s adept and uncover their hidden shrines.

Lego dc super villains

LEGO DC Super Villains is a title in the purest tradition of LEGO games. But as the title of the game suggests, the player here embodies the villains of the DC Comics universe. As for the plot, the Justice League is gone and it’s up to the “Crime Syndicate” to defend Earth. In its own way, of course.

And the PSVR?

Note that contrary to what Sony had initially suggested, the addition of bonus PlayStation VR games only lasted a month. The manufacturer has therefore returned to a more classic program for the PlayStation Plus offer for December 2021.

As reliable as Dealabs is, this information should be taken with a grain of salt while awaiting an official announcement from Sony. With the end of November fast approaching, the latter should certainly not be long.

What do you think of the December 2021 PlayStation Plus roster? Are you satisfied with this selection? What titles do you plan to download? Give us your opinion in the comments below.