The future of Destiny 2 content is disappearing for the sake of sustainability

Destiny 2 is too big to update and maintain efficiently. ” With the order initiates Bungie one long blog post on the website that goes into the future in detail Destiny 2 and upcoming structural changes. The benefit of what Bungie wants to convey is that Destiny 2 as it is now, and with all the constant extensions of it, is a complex monster that causes more bugs than desired. The structure and method in which Bungie operates Destiny 2 prevents the developer from putting effort into innovating the game, as that power is needed to maintain the game.

Bungie’s premier plan for the future in Destiny 2 is to remove content from the game and preserve it in what it calls Destiny Content Vault. There, they can store the content and pick it up at a later date if the need exists. This includes Destiny 1 content.

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When Destiny 2: Beyond Light released September 22, the majority of the old content comes in Destiny 2 to be placed in the vault. Destinations Io, Mercury, Mars, Titan and Leviathan, along with associated activities (Strikes, Raiders, missions and adventures) disappear. Weapons and armor players obtained from these activities and locations remain and can be used, but they can no longer be obtained. Exotic objects attached to the sites will be available through other means.

The new map in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.
The map after the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Old is new

By storing content in Destiny 2 and freeing up labor, Bungie will be able to focus on areas of the game that have dragged after the past year. Bungie themselves say that with this method, they will be able to act on feedback faster and innovate the game more often. Again, maintaining so much content is a significant burden on the developer that affects the future of Destiny 2 negative. Letting powerful weapons become irrelevant over time (something Bungie calls sunsetting) is also something that falls in line with this method and frees up labor.

During the unveiling of Beyond Light, the expansion is coming Destiny 2 In the fall, Bungie announced that this year they are already starting to pick up old content from the vault, refresh it and release it again with relevant connection to the active game. In the fall, they will gradually expand Cosmodrome, a major zone in Destiny 1, complete with its Striker. What form will Spiks Prime take this time, moonlight?

This continues Vault of Glass, the first raid in Destiny’s history. Are you feeling nostalgic now or?

Whatever one might consider recycled content, the main aspect of this is that Bungie releases manpower that can be used to improve the future of Destiny 2 and keep the game alive and interesting for the next three years.

Templar in The Vault of Glass.
Templar in The Vault of Glass, Bungie.