The future of the Iphone – so can the next 20 years be

Every year, a number of rumors abound about what this autumn’s Iphone will look like, but what do the plans really look like in the longer term than that? The differences from year to year are not as great as they were during the iPhone’s early years. The product category smartphone has simply matured, but in the longer term there are still interesting, potential news that we take a closer look at here.

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Of course, this is just guesswork and speculation, because what the Iphone will look like in ten years – and what kind of product it is then – even Apple does not know.

2021: Compact Face ID

The Iphone of the future is rumored to have a Face ID system that is more compact than in today’s models. This may cause the small “flip pen”, where the front camera and Face ID are housed, to shrink for the first time since the iPhone X was introduced in 2017.

According to rumors, this can happen already in the autumn, with Iphone 13.

2023: 5G modem in all phones – manufactured by Apple

Some of the news and changes that will come to the Iphone in the future are more of the predictable, iterative updates, such as 5g.

5g is expected to become everyone’s property within a few years and is also expected to be implemented in Apple’s cheaper phone series, such as the Iphone SE.

In addition, Apple is expected to move away from the Qualcomm modems the company buys today, to instead insert its own 5g chips in the Iphone models of the future. The latest rumors indicate that all new Iphone models from the year 2023 will use Apple’s own 5g modem.

2023: Telescopic camera for better zoom

Camera enhancements are included in every new Iphone model, but in 2023, the optical zoom can get a real boost, according to information from Ming-Chi Kuo. This is thanks to a so-called telescopic zoom lens on the Iphone, which can easily give the Iphone an optical zoom of 5x or 10x.

2023: Foldable – or not

A lot seems to be happening in 2023 for the Iphone. It may also be the year when we get to see a foldable Iphone for the first time – with great emphasis on perhaps.

Although it is very likely that Apple is investigating the possibilities for a foldable Iphone, maybe even has a bunch of working prototypes in its test labs, but to really launch a foldable Iphone is a much bigger step.

Apple can make the assessment that it is a technology without a future and invest its cards in something else instead, for example ar-technology.

But if there is a foldable Iphone, it can happen in 2023, according to information from Ming-Chi Kuo. The model can get a screen that in the folded position is between 7.5 to 8 inches, according to the same information.

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Portless or lightning, but not usb-c

Rumors of a portless Iphone have come and gone, but there are still no clear signs that the Iphone will really drop the lightning port. Earlier rumors claimed that it could happen in 2021, but recently fewer such rumors have flourished.

Anyone who hopes for a usb-c port instead of lightning must, however, get used to that idea. USB-c is harder to waterproof, while Apple is not said to want to release the lightning connector with its Made for Iphone application for lightning accessories.

At the same time, Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that, if anything, Apple is more likely to release a portable Iphone than one with a USB-C.

2022-2040: Crazy rumors about years and spring

Perhaps ar / vr hardware in various forms will more and more take over the role Iphone plays today. If we are to believe the eternal and often quoted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release its first ar / vr headset as early as 2022.

Three years later, in 2025, Apple may release a pair of regular glasses with augmented reality functionality.

After that, even more exciting things can happen. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple may release its own contact lenses with AR technology sometime between 2030 and 2040. These contact lenses will rely on the Iphone for connectivity and processing power, so Iphone will not be completely destroyed, not even in the 2030s .

However, Kuo admits that there are no concrete launch plans at this stage, and that much may happen until then. Having an Iphone in your eye sounds like a lot of sci-fi, but the fact that Apple invests a lot in ar is no news.