The game’s biggest star quits – Rainbox Six Siege

Most people who have played or watched the game Rainbow Six Siege are guaranteed to know the name “Pengu”. He has sat on the throne as the best and most well-decorated player in the game’s history. For the past five years, Pengu, along with its former teams Penta and G2 Esports, have dominated the game’s e-sports scene by winning several championships.

But now it’s over, the star announces Twitter. In the future, the Danish star will invest wholeheartedly in his “content creator” career, but also wants to participate in tournaments in the future, regardless of whether it happens as a supporter, influencer or as a commentator.

Niclas Mouritzen, as he is actually called, is the player who has won the most titles in the game’s history. Already during his first season as a professional, he took home the title in the Pro League. After this start, his career only progressed and soon after he became part of the team that, still, is the most successful team in the history of Rainbow Six Sieges.