The games made in France are shown on video with the 2021 selection

This strange day is the perfect time to discover the selection of games made in France. And which will be “discussed” during the first Games Made in France online press conference this Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. on Discord.

And who says selection of games made in France, says endless listing. Or not. Here then, in addition to the video which will undoubtedly make your mouth water, the titles of video games made in France, of which you will find the site official at this address.

France, sir!

Thus, for four days on Twitch and Steam, it will be possible for the public to discover the original creations of talented French studios and publishers from home. And as the press release tells us with conviction, there will be something for everyone!

Rather please judge:

  • intense and nervous games with DEATHLOOP and Young Souls
  • from intriguing and exciting experiences like Tandem, Inua and Syberia
  • or even challenges to the best strategists with Humankind, Terraformers and Hellslave.

Streamers forward

As mentioned above, famous streamers will come to make demos on many French games. MisterMV, Trinity, At0mium and Damdam not to name them, will present these creations throughout the event “which will hold many surprises”. On the program of celebrations, new gameplay, an exclusive Steam sale, good humor and many gifts to be won, all in the company of the creators of the games who will introduce the public to their trades and games.

Here is the list of games selected for Games Made in France 2021

  • Asterix & Obelix: Slap them all, Microids and Mr Nutz Studio
  • Bibots, PID Publishing and Square Squids
  • Broken Pieces, Elseware Experience
  • DEATHLOOP, Arkane Lyon and Bethesda
  • Diluvian Winds, Goblinz Studio and Alambik Studio
  • Astral Ascent, Hibernian Workshop
  • Blooming Business: Casino, Homo Ludens
  • Cyberhook, Blazing Stick
  • Defend the Rook, Goblinz Studio and One Up Plus
  • Exoblast, Dreamirl
  • Heat and Run, Damnatio Games
  • Humankind, AMPLITUDE Studios and SEGA
  • Inua, ARTE France, IKO, The Pixel Hunt
  • Marsupilami: The Secret of the Sarcophagus, Microids and Osome studios
  • Neverlooted Dungeon, Wild Mage Games
  • Hypercore, Gameinaframe
  • Lakeburg legacies, Ishtar Games
  • Mahokenshi, Game Source Studio
  • Orpiment, Yobike
  • Out there: Oceans of Time, Mi-Clos Studio
  • Planet Crafter, Miju Games
  • Ruggnar, PID Publishing and Sword N’Wands
  • The Smurfs: Mission Malfeuille, Microids and Osome Studio
  • Hellslave, PID Publishing and Ars Goetia
  • Particubes, Voxowl
  • Road 96, Digixart
  • Save Me Mr. Tako, Deneos
  • Shady part of me Twelve Tenths and Focus Entertainment
  • Skabma, PID Publishing and Red Stage Entertainment
  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister, Tactical Adventures
  • Tandem: A Tale of Shadows, Monochrome and Hatinh Interactive
  • Terraformers, Goblinz Studio and Asteroid Lab
  • Wild Dose, Lappi Soft
  • Syberia: The World Before, Microids and Koalabs
  • Tennis Manager, Rebound CG
  • Tin Can, Tin Can Studio
  • Wartales, Shiro Games
  • Windjammers 2, Dotemu
  • Young souls, 1P2P and The Arcade Crew