The good news: The CS: GO major ends up in Stockholm

The pandemic has made it difficult for offline tournaments to be held in recent years. Broadly speaking, the League of Legends World Championship was the only major event that took place in 2020, after the pandemic started. This year, however, more tournaments could be held – with or without an audience – to nominate the best teams between different regions.

Discussions have been going on since the biggest Dota tournament, The International, chose not to hold its event in Sweden due to the fact that the foreign participants could not be granted entry tickets.

The setback raised questions about what would happen to the upcoming CS: GO major, which was also planned in Stockholm. The organizer PGL not only demanded that their players receive an entry permit, but also wanted to secure a packed arena.

After a meeting where, among other things, the Swedish e-Sports Association spoke with Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind and Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg, the news came that the visa was guaranteed. Following the information about the forthcoming restrictions on restrictions, which will take effect on 29 September, the possibility of having an audience in arenas also increased.

On Friday, the message came from the organizer PGL that the major will be held in the Swedish capital. It is still Avicii Arena that will be the gathering place for the main part of the tournament between 4 – 7 November. The ticket release will take place on 22 September and you can then secure your seats to the biggest CS: GO tournament in two years.