The Gothic adventure continues with Stonethorn – The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

Tamriel calls! Stonethron, the latest addition for The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is out now and sees adventurers looting two new dungeons. In addition, Update 27 in the bill has followed and carries with it several adjustments and improvements.

Stonethorn continues The Dark Heart of Skyrim saga after the Greymoor expansion and is now available on PC, Stadia and Mac. Our peers on Playstation and Xbox will have to wait another week until September 1st.

In Stonethorn, players can dive into two new caves: Stone Garden and Castle Thorn, which are full of monsters, challenging battles and quests to get through. But hungry adventurers are probably looking forward to checking out new achievements, picking up new sets with loot. To top it off, fans can also look forward to a continuation of the story from Greymoor and Harrowstorm.

If you are curious about all the notes in Update 27, you can read the full list at The Elder Scrolls website.

Stonethorn dungeons

  • Castle Thorn – An army of vampires rises behind the protective walls of Castle Thorn. Lady Thorn, a mighty mistress, leads the forces. But before she can go to war, brave adventurers must put a stake in the heart of the accumulation. You can read an exciting introduction to Castle Thorn here.
  • Stone Garden – The crazy alchemist Arkasis has been busy cooking terrible monsters in his secret laboratory. The horrible creatures in Stone Garden are unlike any player has ever fought before. Stop the evil genius before unleashing his horrible creations. You can read an introduction to the adventure here.