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the HBO series will have this totally cult passage from the game

the HBO series will have this totally cult passage from the game

The Last of Us HBO series is being unveiled bit by bit in an “unofficial” way through filming. New shots confirm that the television show will not overlook an essential sequence.

The HBO series The Last of Us is still being filmed, but regularly, images and videos from the set are found on social networks. And there, there is (very) heavy. Spoilers!

A must-see sequence of TLOU in the HBO series

Many warnings are better than one, so if you’ve never completed The Last of Us, you’re strongly advised to stop reading as we’re discussing a key moment from the original game.

After seeing Ellie in action, from new images from the set of the HBO series The Last of Us just filtered. Four shots of the sets which represent the cult passage of the game where Joel will save Ellie at Saint Mary’s Hospital from the hands of the Fireflies. Immune to the Cordyceps brain infection, Ellie seems to be the only way for humanity to get out of it. But seeing the young girl on the pool table, Joel refuses to be touched, kills the doctors and flees with Ellie in his arms. A cult sequence which mirrors the introduction of the game where Joel carries his daughter in his arms.

Even if the series will take some distance from the title of Naughty Dog, we will obviously see major scenes like this again. But it was hard to imagine that she wasn’t in it… and we’re already salivating. Does the wonderful music”No Escape“, by G