The highest prize pool ever in e-sports

From tournaments held in small warehouses to mega-spectacles in large arenas. From about ten spectators to
tens of thousands. E-sports have developed enormously in recent years and with this also the prize pools
got a real swing upwards.

The different e-sports have had different ways of financing the tournaments and the players’ performances. Some choose to have many smaller tournaments going on during the year, which means that the prize pools per tournament are kept down but become large over a year.

Dota 2, together with the creators Valve, has a slightly different variant. There are the cosmetic items and similar purchases inside the game that help fund the World Cup prize pool, which is usually one of the largest in the e-sports world.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the tenth edition of The International will receive the biggest prize pool ever in e-sports. At the time of writing, it is at almost $ 34.5 million (now even more). Although it is currently uncertain when the tournament can take place, the players are guaranteed to give the iron to win as much of the prize money as possible.