The Hunter: Call of the Wild goes to Middle-earth – check out the New Zealand dlc!

In 2017, Stockholm-based Expansive Worlds released its hunting simulator The Hunter: Call of the Wild. Mats Nylund reviewed on behalf of this publication, and awarded the rating 70 percent, together with the rating “empathetic, beautiful and reasonably realistic hunting simulator with real childhood diseases”.

Since then, the game has received loads and loads of dlc (just check it out Steam page and its almost 100 euro heavy list of extras!), and now another mammoth package awaits. This time we head to Midgå… – sorry, New Zealand – and the Te Awaroa National Park, inspired by the vast, magnificent landscapes of the south island. The package also includes eight different types of animals to hunt (being four is brand new), a new rifle and 16 new story missions.

Te Awaroa National Park to The Hunter: Call of the Wild released on December 10. Here is the trailer.