The inauguration of the Olympic Games in Tokyo was set to music by video games

Video game fans watching the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics may have noticed that familiar music was playing as the athletes marched into the arena.

It all started with the theme from Dragon Quest, which is one of Japan’s most beloved game series, followed by music from Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Chrono Trigger, Sonic the Hedgehog and several other Japanese video games that were all performed in orchestral arrangements.

For unknown reasons, however, there was no Nintendo music as well as several other known game music tracks during the inauguration. It remains to be seen if these can appear in connection with the closing ceremony.

Nikkan Sports, via Engadget, has compiled the full playlist which you will find below.

Dragon Quest – “Overture: Roto’s Theme”

Final Fantasy – “Victory Fanfare”

Tales of Series – “Sorey’s Theme – The Shepherd”

Monster Hunter – “Proof of a Hero”

Kingdom Hearts – “Olympus Coliseum”

Chrono Trigger – “Frog’s Theme”

Ace Combat – “First Flight”

Tales of Series – “Pomp and Majesty”

Monster Hunter – “Wind of Departure”

Chrono Trigger – “Robo’s Theme”

Sonic the Hedgehog – “Star Light Zone”

Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) – “eFootball walk-on theme”

Final Fantasy – “Main Theme”

Phantasy Star Universe – “Guardians”

Kingdom Hearts – “Hero’s Fanfare”

Gradius (Nemesis) – “01 ACT I-1”

NieR – “Song of the Ancients”

SaGa Series – “The Orchestral SaGa – Legend of Music”

Soul Calibur – “The Brave New Stage of History”