The International will not get rid of in Stockholm

Many had probably looked forward to The International in Stockholm this year but now this will not happen, the reason is that e-sports is not counted as a sport.

The Swedish Sports Confederation has made a real contribution to Valve and their plans for the DOTA 2 tournament The International in Stockholm.

Now, unfortunately, it has become so that Valve had to cancel The International in Stockholm and simply move the event to another country, the reason is that The International is not considered an elite sports event, which means that athletes, officials, spectators, etc. will not be able to apply for a visa to participate.

According to the information that came out, Stockholm Live and Visit Stockholm had more or less promised Valve that everyone will be able to participate and participate in TI10 (The International) and this probably in the hope that the Swedish Sports Confederation would vote to include esports as a sport, which did not happen when it was voted down and now the championship will not end in Stockholm.

Vavle has even tried to get in touch with the Swedish government regarding this to get through that The International is an elite sports event but that request was unfortunately denied and now Valve is looking for a new country that can organize The International and they are pretty sure that they will find it. The qualifiers will start on June 23.