The iOS updates have become too complex

During WWDC, a preview of all Apple operating systems will be released. In September comes IOS, Watch OS and TV OS. Later in October or November, this year’s major Mac OS update will finally be launched, followed by regular bug fixes and security updates for the rest of the year, before it’s time to showcase new features at the next WWDC.

Or yes, at least we’re used to seeing Apple’s different operating systems updated during the year.

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But lately, something has happened.

IOS 15 was released without one of its biggest news, Shareplay. It took until iOS 15.1. Mac OS Monterey was released without one of the most impressive Mac news in recent years, Universal Control.

It lets you move the pointer to another Mac or iPad next to it, and use the same keyboard. Slightly ingenious for those who often have several Macs or maybe a Mac and Ipad next to each other on the desktop.

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But we can be without that for a while longer. There is not even a launch date for the long-awaited function.

These are just two examples of new features that have been delayed until a later, often undefined time. Many other times, features first introduced at WWDC have been delayed to both .2 and -3 versions, sometimes even later than that.

Of course, it’s better to wait to launch news, than to rush to launch something that is not yet ready. Anger over something that does not work is worse than eagerly waiting for something good.

Apple updates seem to be getting more and more complex lately. Universal Control is just one such example. Apple’s Child Safety Initiative another. At least as complex, but perhaps less technical and more socially difficult to navigate.

In addition, Apple no longer has just one or two different operating systems to maintain, but at least five if we count Mac OS, IOS, Watch OS, TV OS and Homepod OS as different platforms that should all get their fair share of attention, maintenance and innovation.

Constant delays do not inspire confidence. Therefore, it would be better if Apple themselves embraced these new, widespread updates. Skip giving a time window if it is difficult to say when the function can actually be completed. Better to wait too long, than to be disappointed in something that does not work.

And maybe it’s not so crazy either with more news throughout the year, instead of a big lump in the fall. In any case, that seems to be what we will get used to in the future.