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The Last of Us will be a TV series

The Last of Us will be a TV series

Updated (2022-09-27):

The teaser is here!

Finally, HBO has released the first one the teaser video where we get a closer look at The Last of Us. It’s dark and extremely atmospheric as it should be – and by all accounts the TV series is extremely faithful to its game model.

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Bombastic (but lonely) travel views, clicker zombies and a glimpse of the game’s doom-filled intro sequence we think we can see, as well as a view of the demolished skyscrapers you are forced to get through at the beginning of the game.

The fact that the TV series seems to stay so close to the source material should be received positively by the fans. The latest in the line of failed TV series adaptations of beloved games is Netflix’s Resident Evil effort, which was canceled after just one season after much criticism.

The Last of Us recently received a well-made remaster for Playstation 5. Perfect to sink your teeth into now before the TV series lands, that is. You read our review here!

Previously (2022-08-22):

First video clip

The Last of Us TV series is getting closer. The premiere is scheduled for sometime in 2023 on HBO Max, and now the company is sneaking out the first moving images from the series. A brief exchange between the main characters Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) takes place.

Previously (2020-03-06):

The Last of Us will be a TV series

HBO is working on a TV series based on the Playstation 3 game The Last of Us, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Neil Druckmann, screenwriter and creative director of both The Last of Us and the upcoming The Last of Us Part II, will co-write and produce the series together with the creator of the C