The last Swedish jump in the WC – League of Legends

Today began the first playoff games in this year’s most important tournament. There has long been uncertainty as to whether this year League of Legends World Championships would really get rid of or if it were postponed as most other e-sports championships have done. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Rocket League, to name just a few, have all chosen to wait for a calmer period for their biggest events.

Here, Riot Games, the creators of the League of Legends, chose to break the trend and instead let the players gather in Shanghai to reclaim the title. Measures have, of course, been taken and, among other things, put all players in solitary confinement for a two-week period when they first arrived. The matches are also played without an audience on site.

The last matches in the group stage were decided last weekend. Of the three Swedish players who have traveled around half the world, only Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and his team Fnatic remain before the start of the playoffs. On the other side of the ladder, however, another European team remains, rivals G2 who last won 3-0 against Fnatic when they met in the final during the LEC Summer Split.

The road to a rematch meeting, however, is long and the Swede will first have to win against Top Esports, which is ranked as one of the world’s best teams. Since the tournament is in China, they can also take advantage of their home advantage.

The playoffs:
Damwon Gaming VS DRX 15/10 at 12:00 (already played, 0-3)
Suning VS JD Gaming 16/10 at 12:00
Top Esports VS Fnatic 17/10 at 12:00
Gene. G VS G2 Esports 18/10 at 12:00