The latest study delivers its figures, is France a player or NOT?

SELL recently unveiled the results of its annual study “The French and Video Games” conducted by Médiamétrie. This report provides an overview of video games and the profile of video game players in France and deciphers their consumption and usage habits.

As one could easily imagine, this new edition therefore highlights an ever-increasing number of players and an intensifying practice. In short, the SELL shows that video games are gaining popularity with ever larger audiences. With the search for social ties, the practice of family play, increased parental responsibility … The findings made last year were confirmed and amplified in 2021.

Video games in France, a love story

In more detail, therefore, the study in question finds several things. Here they are listed below to understand all at once, all at once:

  • France has never had so many players: 73% of French people play at least occasionally * (+2 pts), or more than 38 million people.
  • The practice of video games is intensifying: France has 58% of regular players **, compared to 52% in 2020.
  • An increasingly social video game that can be shared with the family: 61% of gamers consider that video games create social bonds, which is 9 points more than in 2020. 77% of parents play video games with their children, compared to 66% in 2020.
  • Responsible practice: 48% of parents say they know and use parental control systems, compared to 37% in 2020 and 32% in 2019.

Basically everyone plays, or almost, and more and more often. And if possible with the family, just to gauge yourself quietly. Thank you for the confinement?

Who plays the most?

In 2021, if 73% of French people play video games at least occasionally* (+2 pts), 58% play it regularly, an increase of 7 points compared to last year. These regular players are at 53% a man, 47% a woman and their average age is 38 years old. The practice of video games has never been so popular. And the progression of player engagement observed in 2020 at the end of an unprecedented context is being confirmed. Intergenerational leisure, 71% of adults (+3 points) and 98% of children (+4 points) play video games.

And on which platform?

On average, male and female players use 2.2 gaming platforms : the smartphone remains the most used medium, with 51% of players declaring to play it, just ahead of the home console, which has seen a strong increase of +4 points with 49%. Like last year, consumer video games are popular: “casual” games, platform games and adventure games are the top 3 favorite genres of the French.

For the full study, we can only advise you to go take a look at this link.

Source : SELL / Médiamétrie study “The French and the video game”. Carried out online from September 6 to 27, 2021, with a sample of 4,016 Internet users aged 10 and over.