The Left 4 Dead developers are working on a new zombie slaughter

Back 4 Blood looks to be the game that fans have been waiting for so long, in short, slaughter a lot of zombies and survive.

Turtle Rock Studios which is best known for the Left 4 Dead games are now back and they do what they do best, zombie slaughter games. They have previously tried their hand at games like Evolve which disappeared quite quickly, after that mistake they tried their hand at VR games that may not have gone quite as they had intended.

Now, however, they are back with what they became best known for, slaughtering zombies. Back 4 Blood is the name of the new game they are working on and not entirely unexpectedly, it may remind a lot of Left 4 Dead.

What we have seen now is a gameplay trailer that I am not particularly impressed with and really hope they have time to polish the game a lot more. The plan is for Back 4 Blood to be released on June 22 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.