The M1 Pro Imac could be a fantastic desktop version of the Macbook Pro

Dylan (@dylandkt), which previously exactly has predicted details about the Macbook Pro, Iphone 13 and 24-inch Imac, has leaked several details about the 27-inch Imac, which undeniably sounds like a return of the Imac Pro, which was discontinued earlier this year. And yes, it should also be space gray.

Dylan claims that the Imac will have “the same M1 Pro and M1 Max” as the new Macbook Pro, which was launched last month. He also says that the base model will have 16 gigabytes of working memory and 512 gigabytes of storage space, just like Apple’s new Macbook Pro laptop. The 27-inch Imac currently has 8 gigabytes of working memory, which can be expanded to 128 gigabytes.

Imac (Pro)
Promotion and Mini Led
Base model 16gb Ram 512gb Storage
M1 Pro and Max
Dark bezels
HDMI, SD Card, Usb C
Similar design to Imac 24 and Pro Display XDR
Starting price at or over 2000 dollars
Ethernet on brick standard
Face ID was tested (Not confirmed)
1H 2022

– Dylan (@dylandkt) October 30, 2021

According to Dylan, Imac will have the same set of ports as the Macbook Pro. While the current 27-inch Imac already has an sd reader and hdmi port, this would be the first time an Imac has a video port other than thunderbolt / usb-c. Dylan does not say whether USB-a will disappear, although he says that Ethernet will be moved to the AC adapter, just like on the 24-inch model.

As for the screen, Dylan says it will have the same 27-inch screen, which is somewhat surprising given the transition from 21.5 inches to 24 inches with the M1 model in April. However, he reports that the panel will have mini-led and Promotion, like Macbook Pro (probably without notch / flip). He further reveals that Face ID has been “tested” on the new Imac Pro, but this has not been confirmed for the new model. Apple has so far not implemented face recognition on the Mac.

He does not mention the screen resolution, but the current model has a 5k panel (5,120 ×)
2 880). As for the look, he only says that it will have a “dark frame” and have a “similar design as the Imac 24”. Dylan claims that the new Imac will be launched in the first half of 2022. He has previously reported that Apple delayed launch by Imac, so that it would not compete for attention with the Macbook Pro.

Original article by Michael Simon
Translation and editing by Petter Ahrnstedt