The majority of players are the same type of Shepard in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

BioWare has for fun compiled some data from statistics of players’ choices in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Among other things, we see how players generally create their Shepard, where male soldiers dominate, while colonizers and engineers are at the bottom. Surprisingly, fewer play than I personally thought female Shepards, despite Jennifer Hale’s superb appearance!

Unfortunately, statistics show that the eccentric scientist Mordin is the one who most often dies during the culminating mission in Mass Effect 2, while Garrus is the one who most often survives. For those who are familiar with the mechanics of the mission, it is not surprising that Mordin and Tali run the greatest risk of dying as they mechanically have the worst chance of surviving but are highly respected by players so they give a false hope.

Unfortunately, BioWare does not present what romantic fluctuations the player base has – something I myself would have liked to have seen. For example, it would be exciting to know how many people choose to bang the muscle knot James Vega. Personally, I plan more replays with different relationships and attitudes. Right now I’m chasing Garru’s heart as a female infiltrator with a strong diplomatic relationship. I can highly recommend daring to experiment. Do not just choose blue whales just because they go in a statistical direction. Take the turns, act renegade when the situation attracts you and dare to try love with Kelly.