The man behind Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls is leaving Sony

Sony has lost several big names behind famous titles recently and it seems to continue with the man behind, among others, Bloodborne.

Teruyuki Toriyama, producer of Bloodborne and the remake of Demon’s Souls released on Playstation 5, now announces that he is choosing to leave Sony Playstation to start his own studio and work on a new game series.

Exactly what it is about is of course not revealed but I guess the new studio will work quite closely with Sony in the future as well.

Teruyuki Toriyama announced this via Twitter and wrote the following:

“I will be leaving SIE WWS JAPAN Studio at the end of Dec. To all the users who have supported JAPAN Studio so far, thank you so much! I will continue to take on the challenge of creating new game IPs in my new company, and I ask for your continued support. ”

We do not know exactly what is happening on Playstation in Japan, but there have been a lot of rumors about cuts and that Sony will invest more in western studios, which has created major protests in Sony’s studios and hence these defections of famous names.

We do not know if all this is true, but does not sound completely impossible given that these people do not want to leave the gaming industry completely but choose to start their own instead.