The man behind Overwatch is leaving Blizzard

Jeff Kaplan is a well-known name at Blizzard who now unfortunately chooses to leave and the question many are worried about now, what happens to Overwatch 2?

Jeff Kaplan has worked at Blizzard for over 19 years and is, among other things, the man who was involved in the development of World of Warcraft at an early stage but who then went over and was involved in developing Overwatch.

Jeff Kaplan has recently been the game director for Overwatch and he is actually the one associated with the game, but so now Jeff chooses to leave the company for new adventures and the question many ask themselves is really what happens on Blizzard when all the big names choose to leave the company.

Previously, one of Blizzard’s co-founders, Mike Morhaime, left to start a new studio, Overwatch lead author Michael Chu has also left the studio and several other big names left the studio to start their own studio.

What many are worried about now is what will happen to Overwatch 2 which is under development, Blizzard obviously says that the development will continue just as usual, but is it really just as usual if the game game director chooses to leave the company.

Now it’s interesting to see if Jeff will join some of the other veterans who started their own studios and actually get to work with what they want in their own way, as they did once upon a time and it obviously worked as Blizzard has several big titles behind.

Jeff Kaplan says the following in a blog post:

It was truly the honor of a lifetime to have the opportunity to create worlds and heroes for such a passionate audience. i want to express my deep appreciation to everyone at blizzard who supported our games, our game teams and our players. but i want to say a special thanks to the wonderful game developers that shared in the journey of creation with me.

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