The Monterey features Intel-Mac will not get

The future of Mac is spelled Apple Silicon. Eventually, all Macs will have Apple’s own processors. Apple will still support Intel for several years to come, those who have an Intel Mac do not have to rush out and buy a new computer.

But the journey away from Intel is definitely in full swing. This is especially noticeable in Mac OS 12 Monterey, where several of the new features only work on Macs with any version of the M1 processor.

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Here are the features that Intel-Mac will be without.

Portrait mode in Facetime intel mac
Photo: Apple

Portrait mode in Facetime

The new portrait mode in Facetime for Mac OS Monterey lets you “blur” the background during a call. This feature is available for M1 Macs, but is missing on Intel Macs.

It may sound surprising. Although a fairly demanding feature with real-time effects, similar features are already available for much older Intel Macs in video calling programs such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Apple expert Rene Ritchie has previously said that this is probably due to the fact that the function uses the neural motor in the M1 chip to identify a person’s face and its contours.

The neural motor in the M1 can do this more efficiently than the Intel processors, probably Apple has simply just skipped taking this feature to the Intel variants as well. The same goes for several other features in this article.

Detail city
Photo: Apple

More detailed maps

The Apple Maps app has been boosted in Monterey, at least in some cities. Really zooming in previously gave a flat landscape, but now there are significantly more details such as topography, forests, water also with a three-dimensional image that makes the experience better.

The detailed map images are available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London. And only on Macs with M1 processor – the Intel variants will be without the details.

Mac OS 12 Monterey Intel
Photo: Apple

Interactive globe

In Monterey, M1 owners can look at an interactive globe with details such as mountain ranges, deserts, forests, seas and the like. Intel users will be without this.

Object capture – for some Intel Macs only

Object Capture lets you turn a series of photographs into a 3D object, designed for different types of AR applications. This feature works on all M1 Macs (including M1 Pro and M1 Max respectively).

For Macs with Intel processors, the requirements are tougher. This requires an Intel machine with at least 16 gigabytes of working memory and at least 4 gigabytes of video memory.

Dictation directly on the device – limited on Intel

With Monterey comes the new opportunity to dictate text in all places where it is possible to write. Neural Engine helps to improve the function so it gets better the more it is used. The function takes place entirely on the device, without sending data to a server anywhere.

If you have an Intel Mac, however, you can not dictate more than 60 seconds at a time, then the Intel computer must take a break. M1-Macar has no such time limit.

Siri text-to-speech

A new feature in Monterey lets you select text that Siri can then read to you. On M1-Macar, this works in a number of different languages, including Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. However, Intel users can do without our Nordic languages.

Spacious sound Intel
Photo: Apple

Spacious sound – with many asterisks on Intel

With the spatial sound feature in Facetime, voices can sound as if they are spreading across the room. The voices seem to come from the direction they are placed on the screen – a bit like stereo on steroids.

On a Mac with M1 or later, as well as with built-in speakers, the function works without exception or asterisks. It also works through Airpods or wired speakers.

On an Intel-based laptop Mac from 2018 and later, spatial sound works with the built-in speakers, or with wired headphones.

Intel-based Imac models from 2018 and later also support the function, but then wired headphones are required.

Live text Mac OS Monterey
Photo: Apple

The surprise! Live text comes to Intel

Live text is an ai-based ocr engine that can read text from images and then make it easy to copy or cut text. At first it looked like the feature only comes to Macs with M1, but no, here Apple has made a little extra effort.

During the summer, it became clear that this feature will also come to Intel-based Macs.