The most popular Google searches in Sweden 2020

Search giant Google has now traditionally published this year’s hottest keywords and phrases. The lists are based on the searches that have increased the most compared to the previous year, so for natural reasons it is the coronavirus that takes home the most top positions in the various categories. Google notes also that search phrases containing the word “why” have been more popular than ever.

Under the list heading This year’s most trending searches the Swedish top ten looks like this:
1. Coronavirus
2. The US election
3. The Public Health Agency
4. Paolo Roberto
5. Coronavirus Sweden
6. Adam Alsing
7. Joe Biden
8. Kobe Bryant
9. Disney Plus
10. Corona symptom

TV presenter Adam Alsing is also most sought after in the boring category “passed away”, and among “how?”The searches, we mainly wanted to know how many died in corona in Sweden. The coronavirus also dominated the category “news and events”, although the US election, the Skandiaman and the Estonia disaster managed to get some attention.

File: So we searched on Google 2019

When it comes to “prescription” most wanted to know how to make hand alcohol, followed by blueberry pie and sourdough bread. In the category “sports” was the European Handball Championship that attracted, while the Swedish Netflix series Love and Anarchy was most sought after in “entertainment”.

This year’s most popular swear word is “simp”, but few seem to know its meaning. In the category “What?” it took home first place, and even managed to solve the search phrase “what is coronavirus?” Finally, most people wondered why we celebrate Sweden’s national day in the search category “why?”

A complete insight into the Swedish search trends on Google you can find here. You can also search specifically for a country or see it global statistics by selecting something else in the list menu.