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the multi game comes back from the dead

the multi game comes back from the dead

Resident Evil Re: Verse would finally be ready to break its silence. The multiplayer spin-off comes back from the dead and would give some news soon.

Resident Evil Re:Verse was supposed to accompany the launch of RE Village, but the gameplay did not satisfy fans who tried it. In this multiplayer component, up to 6 players compete in short battles with iconic characters from the franchise.

Soon news of Resident Evil Re: Verse?

Resident Evil Re:Verse will soon rise from its grave. The multiplayer spin-off has been holed up in a long silence since announcing its postponement to 2022 last year. Nevertheless, the game will probably talk about him again soon. As spotted by Gematsu, it just received its PEGI rating on Stadia, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Unsurprisingly, the multiplayer component will be prohibited for those under 18.

A small seemingly harmless detail, but which is often a harbinger of new information or a revelation in good and due form for games unknown to the battalion. And in the case of the spin-off, it would be high time. The online game has not been heard from for at least a year. With the Summer Game Fest festivities approaching, Capcom is obviously ready to show off the changes they’ve been working on. Remember that the spin-off had been postponed after a private beta test session that convinced no one. Maybe this time the gameplay will convince.

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