The NES at the heart of the plot of a new Christmas movie from Warner

Each Christmas period has its fashionable product, its toy that all parents are snapping up on. When unrelated to component shortages, high demand console outages are not a recent phenomenon either. For his new Christmas film, Warner has decided to take inspiration from a time when the NES was selling like hot cakes (gingerbread).

Warner Bros. just revealed a new Christmas movie in which Nintendo’s NES plays a central role. Entitled 8-bit Christmas, the film takes place at the end of the 80s and tells the adventures of young Jake Doyle. And most notably his quest to get a NES for Christmas.

A nostal Christmas movie – wait for the sequel – gique

Note that 8-bit Christmas does not take place only in the 80s. Indeed, the adult version of Jake, played by Neil Patrick “Barney Stinson” Harris, tells this story to this girl. And since it is about a father recounting his journey to his child, he embellishes the facts “slightly”.

8-bit Christmas

Directed by Michael Dowse, 8-bit Christmas is taken from the eponymous book. Kevin Jakubowski, the author of the original novel, also wrote the script for this adaptation. If the context of the film will mainly bring back memories to Americans, nostalgic Europeans should seize a number of references too.

The NES, a movie star for more than 30 years

Note that this is not the first time that the NES or its games have been at the heart of a film’s plot. The Wizard released in American theaters in 1989 almost served as an infomercial for Nintendo products.

Entitled Videokid: The brilliant child in France, the film gave audiences one of the very first glimpses of Super Mario Bros. 3. And like 8-bit Christmas, it featured Power Glove.

In the United States, 8-bit Christmas will be released on HBO Max on November 24. At the moment, it is not yet known whether the film will be released in France. And if so, whether it will be offered on a video-on-demand service or in the cinema.

What do you think of this 8-bit Christmas trailer? Do you want to see the movie? Do you have any memories of struggling to get a console around Christmas time? When did you get your NES? Tell us all in the comments below.