The new Fortnite season is here, showing up in new trailers

2020 may have been a groundbreaking year in every way, but Epic Games battle royale shooters Fortnite tough on as usual. Yesterday began chapter 2 season 5, and below you can check out both a story trailer and a video about the new battle pass, including Baby Yoda and anim an anime girl?

This time, the events revolve around the “zero point”, some kind of portal that invites legendary fighters like The Mandalorian (and Baby Yoda) from other dimensions, and also transforms the map.

Battle Pass lets you unlock the aforementioned Star Wars icon, along with the anime girl (who seems to be an android?), A gladiator, and a pancake man (among other things). In other news, Kratos also comes from the Playstation-exclusive God of Warseries also do Fortnitedebut, and you can check out a small teaser below.

Here are the trailers for the new one Fortnite-season and Playstations God of War-tweet.

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