The new No Man’s Sky update allows you to adopt pets

Hello Games space games No Man ‘Sky was released in 2016, but continues to receive major updates on a regular basis. Now version 3.2 is here, the biggest news of which is spelled pets, which you can take with you during your adventures in the game’s vast universe. Check out the trailer below and read more the website!

No Man’s Sky has certainly let you tame and feed animals before, but now your furry friends can accompany you everywhere, and be summoned on request. Strengthen the band by playing with, feeding and paying attention to the creatures, and take advantage of practical benefits such as scanning resources, hazard marking and cozy lighting. Up to six creatures can be adopted as companions, and you can also give them new names.

In addition to the pets, version 3.2 offers No Man’s Sky also on an improved user interface (including keyboard shortcuts for dialog options), a more streamlined “bait” system, the ability to ride giant creatures, as well as “genetic trading” and the ability to mix genetic material, to create completely new creatures.

Here is the trailer for version 3.2 of No Man’s Sky.