The new year has started in Overwatch

Or yes, it started already on February 4, so you can see this as a reminder. During the year of the ox, we get a lot of new cosmetic goodies and some new game modes to play with. Brawl: Bounty Hunter The player who lowers someone else first will be a target for everyone else. They are bounty hunters and will shoot them down. When the target is lowered, the player who received the lethal shot becomes the new target. Bounty Hunter will be part of the rotation in the arcade after Lunar New Year. Weekly Challenges Weekly Challenges returns to the New Year and lets you unlock time-limited rewards by winning nine matches each week. Rewards include: Week One: Terracotta Medic Baptist Week Two: Xiake McCree Week Three: Imperial Guard Reaper New CosmeticsFive Legendary SkinsTree Epic SkinsBull Demon OrisaTiger Huntress AsheDragonfire BastionKkachi EchoPale Serpent Widowmaker

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