The next Destiny 2 expansion is delayed until the beginning of 2022

Already this summer, Bungie committed to three more expansions for the pilot launcher Destiny 2. Beyond Light (review) was released last autumn as expected (albeit after a minor delay), but now it has been shown that The Witch Queen, which should have been released this fall, is delayed until the beginning of 2022.

You can read Bungie’s full, nutritious location update on it official website. The Witch Queen will represent “an important evolution of Destiny 2: s ongoing story “, which will also be” unlike anything “that Bungie has tried in the past, with characters, story arcs, heroes and villains that will be included in several future releases. Thus, one simply wants to do The Witch Queen “Right”, which requires some extra time to maintain the long-term health of the development team during the continuing challenging working conditions.

Bungie will tell you more about Destiny 2: The Witch Queen towards the end of the summer.