The Pathless is the flag bearer after Journey and ABZÛ

The Pathless both look and sound like a completely natural combination. The developers Giant Squid has taken his diving adventure ABZÛ and mixed with a generous dose Journey in a beautiful harmony. That soundtrack is then signed Austin Wintory (just like Journey) really puts the finishing touches on the i: t.

You play as a falconer (yes, that’s a word) who chases evil spirits in an open world. The world is also full of puzzles and secrets scattered in ancient ruins and primeval forests. The band of your falcon companion will apparently play a decisive role in the killing of the spirit and ultimately the salvation of the world. Just like in the titles mentioned above, players travel over The Pathless with seamless progress, both on foot and by gliding through the air on said falcon.

This kind of more fluid action may be just what you need after a trying close-up game like, say Ghostrunner. I mean, watch the trailer above and say you do not get a real urge to hike. The Pathless has little out there Breath of the Wildvibes and even though I have not played it (ashamed of me!) its vibrant, green map is something that still calls for one.

The Pathless will be released tomorrow, November 12 on PlayStation 4, PC (via Epic Store) and Apple Arcade (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV). The game also has a planned release on PlayStation 5 a week later, on November 19. Two physical releases for the PS5 will also be available from December 8. One is available through regular retail; the other via iam8bit, which will also release the game’s soundtrack on vinyl early next year.