The PS5 exclusivity gives us another appointment

Did you forget it? Well, actually, so are we. However, the very cryptic Abandoned allows us to remember our fond memories, and even risks meeting us again. What a life.

It’s been months since the Dutch at Blue Box Studios hadn’t shown the tip of their nose: since the posting of an FAQ intended to put out the fire of the crazy rumors around Abandoned and the death threats received in the days that followed, the developers had chosen to opt for a silence that was as monastic as it was saving.

“It’s just the beginning of the beginning”

But because nothing can last in this world, the PlayStation Store has just delivered without warning a bit of information about Abandoned. Those who will indeed go to the page of the “game” (the famous “Realtime Experience” of the month of July) will be able to lay their eyes on this message present since this Sunday:

Release of the Prologue chapter

We are happy to announce that the Prologue chapter will be released in the first quarter of 2022. We’ll reveal the release date soon. Stay tuned !

This is a new promise that should be added to the long list of teasers and other commitments not kept in recent months by Blue Box Studios.

Are you ready or not ready?

To believe this new meeting, players who still believe in it could therefore discover the Prologue of Abandoned before March 31, 2022, which leaves almost four months for the Dutch to keep their word. Remember that Blue Box Studios is not yet failed to complete any game since 2015. All we have left is the description that studio director Hasan Kahraman tried to make of it:

Abandoned is a shooter / survival game. It does have some horror elements in it, but it’s not really a horror game. It’s not what people think, it’s not a Silent Hill.

If the stars are aligned, players will be able to discover the Abandoned Prologue by March 31, 2022, on PS5. But nothing is less certain…