The reboot of the series would have changed developer

After a good decade of sluggishness, the Twisted Metal motorized combat series could soon be making a comeback. But on the road, too, plans can sometimes change.

According to our colleagues from Video Game Chronicle, the potential comeback of the long-lost Twisted Metal saga would still be relevant, nearly ten years after the cancellations of the Apocalypse and Revolution episodes. On the other hand, the development would have finally been entrusted to a studio other than Lucid Games, for a while. The failure of their last production would indeed have pushed Sony Interactive Entertainment to find new mechanics.

The liverpuldiens of Lucid Games would no longer be in charge of “New Twisted Metal”. The developers of a certain Destruction AllStars could thus have seen the site escape them after the poorly controlled slip of their new license. Indeed, the success was so timid that Sony quickly had to resort to bots to animate the servers of the game.

According to the decidedly well-informed sources of the British site, the Twisted Metal project would thus have landed in the hands of a “European first-party studio”. In view of the recent all-out acquisitions of the manufacturer Entre Firesprite, Guerilla Games, Housemarque or London Studio, there is no shortage of contenders.

Recall according to the latest indiscretions to date that the next episode of the motorized series which debuted in 1995 on PlayStation would take the form of a free-to-play. History of attracting the barge by wagons? The future will tell. The license should like so many others benefit from an adaptation for the small screen, since a Twisted Metal series should also see the light of day in 2023, the role of John Doe having been entrusted to the actor. Anthony mackie.

One thing is certain: to revive its series dear to American gamers, Sony intends to put … the eraser! Sorry.