The Remote Control app is said to have inspired Steve Jobs to develop Siri Remote

During the past week, the news came that Apple is closing down its standalone remote control app for Apple TV, something that has given the app developer Alan Cannistraro a good excuse to publish some information about how the app actually came about.

According to the Twitter posts that Cannistraro, a former engineer at Apple, has published, the app must have been developed in connection with Apple launching the App Store. Steve Jobs is said to have expressed some concern that the App Store would not be a success, and therefore wanted his own apps in the store.

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Thus, a remote control for the then Apple TV became one of the first apps in the App Store.
However, Steve Jobs must have liked the interface so much that he wanted to see the same sweeping gestures in the next version of Apple TV. The then model had push buttons as navigation, but when Apple TV generation four was launched five years later, it was equipped with a new remote control, Siri Remote, which had the same swipe gestures that first made its debut in the app.