The robot sheriff Bunker is hero no. 2 in ENDLESS ™ DUNGEON

Amplitude Studios started its Endlesstrip already ten years ago and has boasted a series of turn-based strategy games, but also a more action-roguellike dungeon defense game in the same universe, called Dungeon of the Endless. The current title, Endless Dungeon, is said to be a sequel to this, albeit on fairly loose bolines. No official release date is missing, but while waiting for that, Amplitude makes sure to keep the hype up by showing off playable heroes one at a time (first out was the hard-rocking mercenary Zed in January) and let the fans vote for their background info.

It’s now time for hero number two; The robot Bunker represents the team’s long arm on the abandoned space station where the game attracts. Her three key words in life seem to be Law, Order and Etiquette. Good behavior is thus expected of this thoughtful shield and pistol carrier who, for example, has the ability to increase distributed damage in step with the received, strike back and paralyze a large number of enemies, as well as attract enemies while increasing protection against attack.

At the time of writing, it is not clear where Bunker comes from, but on the day the game is released for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and Steam, she will surely both protect the team and ensure the maintenance of good practice.