The RPG between Zelda II and Castlevania announces its release on video

Because lovers’ day is still pretty overdone, the little guys from Berzerk Studio intend to make the 2022 vintage a memorable vintage, thanks to the very retro Infernax.

Located somewhere between a certain Zelda II The Adventure of Link and Shovel Knight, Infernax action-RPG announces its release for February 14, 2022 on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, while restaurants in France and Navarre will draw their unique menu, take it or leave it.


Developed by the virginian studio Berzerk, Infernax borrows its aesthetics and a lot of its mechanics from many classics of the 8-bit era. Between the Castlevania feeling, its progression system modeled on the only Legend of Zelda oriented RPG, there will be a priori something to do, especially with a quest log that promises to be as long as your arm.

For the rest, the publisher Dotemu is responsible for making the presentations:

Infernax tells the story of Alcedor, a famous knight who discovers on his return from the crusade that ferocious beasts have invaded his lands. Armed with his fetish mace and his implacable smile, he must take the fate of the world in hand in the face of ungodly forces. Various powerful upgrades and abilities nestle in the countless corners of this desolate universe, punctuated with decided choices that will write the legend of the hero. To draw your own moral line in this burning demonic slump, it will be a matter of triumphing over its many challenges, often at the cost of many sleepless nights in grasping the terrifying and intense difficulty of Infernax.

If the retro adventure suits you, cancel your plans now, since Infernax will punctuate your evenings alone or in pairs from February 14 on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.