The SEC forces Apple to release shareholder proposals at the AGM

Ahead of Apple’s next AGM, groups of shareholders have, as usual, put forward various proposals that may be put to the vote. Apple’s board normally decides what issues may come up at the meeting, but this year the company is forced to put up with at least three proposals that the board wanted to delete, reports 9 to 5 Mac.

The US Financial Services Authority (SEC) has in fact forced Apple to have a proposal for increased transparency regarding personnel issues and two concerning the company’s business in China put to the vote.

The first proposal calls for Apple to conduct an investigation into the effect of employees’ privacy agreements on discrimination and bullying. The shareholders who presented it are concerned that Apple’s all investments in gender equality have still not had any major effect on its own management.

Apple argued that the company was already actively working to resolve the issues pointed out by shareholders, but the SEC did not agree.

The other two proposals are about China – one that asks Apple to publish detailed reports on every suspected case of slave labor in the supply chain and one that wants Apple to publish a complete list of every app that has been removed from the Chinese App Store at China’s request. instead of, as today, only publishing the number of apps.