The series will only continue for “a big bundle of money”

If for some, the atmosphere is rather conducive to celebration and outbursts of generosity, the inescapable Yoko Taro now sets his conditions to continue (or not) the NieR series.

Who would’ve believed that ? More than ten years after the release of the first episode in the form of a spin-off of Drakengard, the NieR series can finally boast of having found its audience, while the original opus came out a few months ago under the sweet nickname of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … But because all the licenses are not necessarily intended to be drained to the last drop, director Yoko Taro announces in his own way the end of the adventure. Unless…

The Three Stooges

The whimsical creative indeed appeared alongside producer Yosuke Saito and composer Keiichi Okabe to announce that he had covered the matter:

Saito : What are you going to do about the Nier, Yoko-san, Okabe-san series again?

Yoko : What I would like to do regarding NieR eh? Nothing !

Saito : Nothing ? Stopping it there suits you? You no longer steal anything to do with YoHRa?

Yoko : Exactly. Today we announce that the NieR series is over!

The NieR of the war

After a few episodes and the recent release of NieR Recarnation, the death knell would have sounded for the philosophical and protean work of Yoko Taro … which does not fail to leave the door open to potential investors:

Yoko : But, you know … I could play other games if I got a lot of money.

Saito : A large sum of money then. I’ll go take care of this! After all, Okabe-san I won’t lift a finger in a big pile of cash.

Yoko : It’s true. I would do anything for a reasonable amount of money, but Keiichi Okabe needs a lot more than that.

In view of the great relaxation that reigns in this video, it is up to you to take the whimsical Yoko Taro at his word, who manages in a few sentences to manifest a certain form of artistic integrity … and a greed for profit certain.

Will his appeal be heard? Or should the series actually stop there? Tell us in the comments below!