The shack hype continues on Twitch – soon time for a new championship

When the professional chess player Hikaru Nakamura started playing and teaching his sport to some of the biggest names on the streaming site Twitch, the interest in the sport increased enormously. Already in June was arranged the first tournament for streamers, youtubers and other celebrities from the chess website The tournament was renamed Pogchamps and only a few months later the second edition was held.

Several of the biggest names on the streaming platform Twitch have participated in these tournaments. XQcOW, Moistcr1tikal and Swedish Forsen are some of those who have participated in the tournaments where the players not only get to meet each other but also get professional training from some of the biggest names in the chess world.

Now its time for the third edition of Pogchamps. The competition will be played in mid-February and has the biggest prize pool, the biggest names and probably the most viewers so far where $ 100,000 is at stake and a promise from the organizer to match the prize money to donate to charity.

The hottest new additions include one of the world’s most famous female streamers, Pokimane, and the Youtube phenomenon MrBeast, who recently played a match against Grandmaster Hikaru where it became clear that the new practitioners have a lot to learn.