The shortage of new graphics cards will continue until this spring

In the autumn, the new graphics card series Geforce RTX 30 and Radeon RX 6000 were presented and launched by Nvidia and AMD respectively. However, the availability of the new hardware has been severely limited, and will continue to be so until this spring, at the earliest. Sour for those of us who want to upgrade!

The information has reached us via The Verge, which states that Nvidia (transcription) has acknowledged that the availability of new graphics cards will allow both consumers and partners “will probably remain frugal through the first quarter” (end of April according to Nvidia’s schedule). AMD counters that they will try to make the new graphics cards available to “as many players as possible”, and in an interview with Anandtech says AMD CEO Lisa Su that it “will be tight during the first half of the year”. Maybe the supply increases at the same rate as for a certain vaccine?