The snob movies are shown for free on Apple TV Plus

As early as 1966, CBS showed the film “It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown” for the first time, and since then the film has been shown on American television every year around Halloween.

Charlie Brown is the main character in the series Peanuts (The Snob in Swedish) and also has two other holiday films – “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – which are also traditionally broadcast around their respective weekends.

In recent years, the Disney channel ABC has broadcast the films, but this year the company for some reason has not renewed its agreement and instead the films are part of Apple’s big agreement with the Snobben producers at Peanuts Worldwide and Lee Mendelson Film Productions.

In addition to being available to subscribers from October 19, November 18 and December 4, respectively, the films will be shown for free for a few days so that anyone can watch.

  • It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown is shown for free 30 / 10-1 / 11.
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is shown for free 25 / 11-27 / 11.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas vias free 11 / 12–13 / 12.

Unlike TV broadcasts in the United States, the movies are shown worldwide where Apple TV Plus is located. To watch, you can either use the TV app on an Apple gadget or a TV with the app, or via