The stars of the western world change teams in the League of Legends – here are the latest tours

A lot has happened on the player front since the world championship ended just over a month ago. Some of the biggest names in the top tier have changed teams or chosen to end their careers. Let’s go through some of the biggest events that the last few weeks have given us.


We start with North America, NA, where Denmark’s top player “Bjergsen” previously announced that he will leave the role as a player to explore new challenges as head coach. However, he remains in the same organization. However, more players have chosen to leave their roles in the team where “Doublelift” is considered one of the best players in NA and has won 8 of the last 11 championships in the region.

The Swedish player “Treatz” has also left TSM after about two years where he started in their academy and worked his way up to being the team’s sixth player during the world championships. “Treatz” has now signed a contract in the European region for the team SK Gaming.


Perhaps the biggest event of the year during the transfer window was when the Croatian Mid-laner “Perkz” was confirmed to leave the European top with G2 to travel across the Atlantic. Perhaps a new era awaits North America? To make room for “Perkz”, it fit well into the exchange triangle (explanation will come below) that Fnatic was looking for just a Mid-laner and “Nisqy” will thus start playing in the orange-black shirts.


As we told you before has the Swedish star “Rekkles” chosen to end his time in Fnatic. He will thus complete the exchange triangle and go to G2, as rumors have previously revealed.


“Finn” will be the last on this list as the Swede, after two years, will no longer play for the team Rogue, where he played with compatriot “Larssen”. Instead, this player also disappears to the other side of the Atlantic where he has been given a place in the CLG team.