The stuff that makes a skiing holiday comfortable, safe – and fun!

Charge with good energy

Long days on the ski slopes also mean many hours without access to electrical outlets. Fortunately, you have access to something that works just as well – the sun’s rays. With this power bank, powered by solar energy, you can charge your phone or other devices in the middle of the hill whenever you need it.

Power bank with solar energy

Product: Venture 30 Power Bank + Nomad 7 Plus Solar Kit
Award: SEK 2,199 at Dustinhome

Thaw frozen toes

How common is it that your toes freeze to ice after being trapped in a pair of stiff boots for an entire day? With a pair of 3D-shaped soles powered by therm-Ic batteries, you warm your feet from the inside of your boots or shoes before they have time to freeze.

Boot warmer

Product: Therm-Ic Soles Heat 3D 20/21
Award: SEK 499 at XXL.

The projector you are packing

Just because you are in a mountain cabin shielded from the outside world does not reduce the need to stream movies or admire what you have filmed during the day’s activities on the slopes. This is a portable projector that works both as a projector and bluetooth speaker. This way you can bring your favorite music and your favorite movies from the breakfast table, to the slopes and then after-skin.

Portable projector

Product: Benq GV1
Award: From SEK 4,218 at Computersalg.

Film on the go with top quality

Do you want really professional material from your trips in nature? Then it might be worth investing in a Gopro camera. Gopro Hero9 is the latest in the series and has been significantly updated since the previous version, both in terms of quality and battery life.

Go Pro Hero 9

Product: Gopro Hero 9
Award: SEK 4,890 at Netonnet.

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Spot on with warm fingers

Do you recognize the struggle of pulling on and off the gloves plunge in the quarter to be able to answer calls, text messages or change songs on the playlist? With a pair of gloves that both keep the heat and let you control the phone, you do not have to fight. These gloves are compatible with your smartphone and contain heaters that have a rechargeable battery and keep your hands warm all day. You can control the temperature via a button on the glove.


Product: Velazzio Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves – 3
Award: 80 US dollars (approximately 590 kronor) at Amazon.

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Ski goggles that see everything

These technical ski goggles offer much more than you might think. Among other things, they can show you altitude, speed and pre-installed maps where you can track places and other people in your group. If you connect your phone via bluetooth to the glasses, you can also access your text messages, calls and playlists for music. If you are looking for not only the little extra but the exceptional extra, these glasses are for you.

Oakly airway 1.5

Product: Oakley Airwave 1.5.
Award: SEK 7,649 at Länna sport.

Snowproof mobile

There is nothing as annoying as dropping your phone in a snowdrift and experiencing how it stops working due to unnecessary water damage. If you get a waterproof mobile cover, you do not have to worry about the accident occurring. Here we list two examples.

Waterproof mobile case

Award: Cover for Galaxy s20: SEK 372 at Cdon.
Cover for Iphone 11 pro: SEK 749 at Proshop.

Measure performance from the outside in

Are you a person who takes skiing seriously? Put on this vest that analyzes your performance. Everything from heart rate, oxygen uptake, respiration, calorie burning and intensity is recorded via connection to an app you can easily download. This way you can take your results downhill to the next level.

Hexoskin training vest

Product: Hexoskin
Award: 399-579 US dollars (approximately SEK 4,090-5,930) at Hexoskin
App for Android in Google Play.
App for Iphone in the Appstore.

Capture the ride on the go – without hands

It is neither easy nor safe to hold the phone while getting on a pair of skis or snowboards. With a chest strap where you attach the phone, you can film while keeping your hands free. Avoid broken wrists and collisions with trees while getting a more stable film!

Mobile harness

Product: Smartphone Chest Mount
Award: 23 US dollars (approximately 194 kronor) at Amazon.

Dry boots without tears

A skiing holiday often includes more than a full day among the snow drifts. It is natural for the equipment to get wet when the snow melts – the boots are no exception. With a hot air dryer for shoes and boots (and other things that may need to be dried), you do not have to worry about putting on a pair of wet boots the next morning.

Shoe dryer for boots and other things

Product: Hotonic Tec Dry
Award: SEK 799 at 360norr.