The summer is over – time to pack up before the start of your studies!

There is a lot to be fixed before the start of studies, and it is easy for the pennies to fall away when, for example, furnishings and study materials are to be purchased. You will need everything from phone and computer to insurance and accessories. We list here things that we really like and that will make the studies more fun!


Cheaper telephony

Calling, texting and surfing are super important for students, but it must not cost too much. Here are the operators who have special offers for students:

Fix the course literature

Buying course literature can be expensive, and sometimes the lists of needed books can seem like an eternity. Here are the sites that not only allow you to order student literature in all the comfort of your bed, they also have a discount for students:


Trample with style

Many student cities, for example Lund and Uppsala, are very nice to cycle in. Do you plan to pedal to school instead of being crowded on a bus? If you invest in an electric bicycle, you will get exercise and avoid arriving at the lecture bathed in sweat. Here are our favorite bikes!

Winora Tria 8

Winona electric bike

For you who want to be able to cycle without problems in the inner city, but at the same time have the opportunity to take the bike out into the country, then Winora is the perfect model. The price is also clearly affordable. The width of the tires is a perfect balance between being wide enough to get a grip during off-road driving, but at the same time not too thick to make the bike slow-rolled inside the city. Also available in men’s model.

Costs SEK 25,995 at Elcykelvaruhuset

Lifebike C-mute SPEED 9VXL G8 Silver

Lifebike electric bike

A stable bike in brushed aluminum with an integrated display in the handlebars. The engine is located in the rear wheel and has a lot of torque. Hydraulic brakes guarantee a short and safe braking distance. Perfect to whiz past the inner city traffic jams with.

Costs SEK 21,995 at Elcykelvaruhuset

E-Sensium 2.2 2021

E-Sensium electric bike

This electric bike has been designed to provide good comfort with its Suprême 5 aluminum frame. The engine delivers well with power in headwinds and uphills. Gears, brakes and chain are made by Shimano. The bike is relatively light with its 14.5 kilos.

Costs SEK 22,995 at Elcykelvaruhuset

The computer is a and o

Whether you are studying at high school or university level, you need a computer. Preferably a light one with good battery life. The last thing you want is for the battery to run out when the lecturer goes through Birch – Swinnerton-Dyers presumably. No matter what you study, you will need a good computer. Here are some that we like!

Surface Laptop 3

Surface Laptop 3

Enjoy the lecture by taking all your notes on Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3. Available with 13.5 or 15-inch touch screen. Easy to carry, weighs a little 1.2 kilos. Surface Laptop 3 has good connection options, both usb-c and usb-a ports are available. Up to 11.5 hours of battery life and when you are tired of typing on the keyboard, you can instead type with Surface pen. Right now, it’s also on sale at Microsoft.

Costs from SEK 13,495 at Microsoft

Galaxy Book Pro 360

Galaxy Book Pro

Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a stylish and handy flippable laptop with low weight, LED screen with Samsung’s interesting range of bonus features and fun programs. It also has a high luxury factor at a convincing price. It may not be the computer for you who need to compile code, but for all writing work it works really well!

Costs SEK 13,490 at Netonnet

Macbook Air

Macbook Air

This is one of the faster ultra-thin laptops you can buy right now. It also manages to achieve this without fan cooling and the new hardware platform with support for iOS apps provides new interesting opportunities. Macbook Air also has enough battery to power on without problems for a whole day without charging.

Costs SEK 13,790 at Netonnet

Acer Chromebook Spin 513

Acer Chromebook

Do not want to get stuck in MacOS or Windows swamp? Then it’s a Chromebook that counts. The Acer Chromebook Spin 513 has good connectivity, ditto performance and a quality experience in portable format at a great price. In short, very much for the money.

Costs SEK 5,490 at Webhallen


If you think that a computer is not the right thing for you, then maybe you should look at a tablet instead. A segment that Apple dominates, but there are actually really good tablets that run Android. The advantage of a tablet is that they are very light and often have access to apps, more or less designed for what you study.

Ipad Air

Ipad Air

Ipad Air (2020) has usb-c, Smart Connector for keyboard, new Pencil, wifi 6, and a really fast processor. The screen is both bright and sharp. The advantages of the iPad are the large range of apps, that you can connect it to an external screen via usb-c and that there are lots of accessories for it. The new Ipad Pro is available for those who want even more performance and an xdr screen.

Costs SEK 5,790 at MediaMarkt

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Lenovo Tab P11

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro has an ultra-thin design in aluminum alloy and an OLED screen, which gives a really stylish picture experience. As it is Android, you have access to thousands of apps on Google Play. Unlike any iPad, the keyboard and pen are included.

Costs from SEK 6,390 on PriceSpy

Sit like a king

Regardless of whether it is distance learning or not, you will need a comfortable chair to sit in. The “Börje” stick chair from Ikea has done its thing. You simply need better stuff to be able to sit comfortably. Gaming chairs are made for people who spend hours in them and they work just as well for studies as for games.

Svive Phoenix Tier 3

Swivel chair

Svive Phoenix is ​​ergonomically designed and is both comfortable and stylish. It has lots of customization options; set armrests, height and pillows so you sit like a king, ready for hours of writing.

Costs SEK 2,990 at Webhallen

Deltaco Gaming

Deltaco chair

A simpler and cheaper chair in artificial leather with an ergonomically high back and a cushion for the headrest and backrest. It also has nice orange details.

Costs SEK 1,490 on MediaMarkt

The accessories you need

If you buy a tablet, you will definitely need a stand, keyboard or a combination of the two so that you can work on it for longer periods of time.

Stand for the tablet


Lamicall raises and braces your tablet so you do not have to hold it. Fits basically all tablets up to 12 inches in size.

Costs SEK 250 at Amazon Sweden



Foldable keyboard that connects via bluetooth, also has a built-in touchpad. Works with Windows, Android and IOS. Built-in rechargeable battery with a standby time of up to 560 hours.

Costs SEK 404 at Amazon Sweden

Protect your stuffCase Logic

A case is needed so that you do not crack the screen when you throw your tablet in the bag. Case Logic is a universal protection that fits tablets up to 10 inches.

Costs SEK 260 at Proshop

Insure the stuff!

Technology-crazy students must of course have a really good insurance. Here are some of the companies that have a little more affordable offers for students.