The Swedish CS: GO stars’ “skins” are auctioned off for charity

For the first time in Sweden, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins will be participating in the auction Skins for Charity. With eight of Sweden’s largest profiles in the game and some of these players’ most talked about decorations, the auction amounts are expected to reach high numbers. All to help sick children and their families stay together in close proximity to specialist hospitals, through the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund.

“Olofmeister”, “Get_Right”, “Nessa”, “Fragaria”, “Jaegarn”, “Niffonen”, “Friberg” and “F0rest” are the players who have contributed their artifacts where some really have an interesting history in e-sports’ biggest events.

– When I was asked to donate an item to an auction in favor of improving the everyday lives of seriously ill children and their families, the answer therefore felt given, says e-sports professional Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer in a press release.

– The item I chose to donate, my AWP Asiimov has a great personal value for me, I won it in a 1v1 against pashaBiceps many years ago and it has followed me in many tournaments. The object also has a rather special name, “BOOSTMEISTER 2014”, which is a nod to a controversial event at Dreamhack seven years ago.